Japan Pavilion at NRA Show 2018

三和食品株式会社/ 生わさび、ユズ、スダチ、カボス、とろろ


Sanwa foods Co., Ltd/ Fresh Wasabi, Citron and Citrus sudachi, Citrus sphaerocarpa, and pounded yam

In this Japanese trade fair, we want to introduce and appeal to the natural flavor of the food and the real product. For example, when we want to eat wasabi in America that wasabi is fake that is horseradish. It isn’t fresh wasabi so people who live in America didn’t know how to eat real wasabi. the company CEO Ishikawa said it is necessary stuff for Japanese, when you eat raw fish of Japanese food, wasabi has antibacterial action and you can feel more refresh. We are looking forward to enjoy the real Japaneses food in this nearly feature.


有限会社 柏崎青果/ 青森県産黒 じっくり熟成させ黒にんにく、乾燥野菜


Kashiwazaki Seika/ Black garlic from Aomori prefecture, and Dry vegetable

This company’s garlic has characteristic that is piece of garlic is big and all piece are same size and shape. These black garlic that grew up in cold region and vegetable has high sugar content and this garlic taste is like fruit because it is mature well-aged garlic. It is versatile healthy food that has a pain relieving effect and anti aging effect. In America, this healthy food will be wider as the foodstuff of cuisine.