Taiko Legacy 16 + Reduction 7


ホリデーシーズンの恒例コンサート『太鼓レガシー・リダクション』が 12月7日、8日の2日間、シカゴ現代美術館のシアターで行われる。本イベントは、司太鼓・銀天界を中心に、和太鼓、和楽器、日本舞踊、マルチリズムパーカッション、シカゴジャズと海外からのスペシャルゲスト日本からは歌舞伎音楽 立花 志十郎氏とフランスからはドラマー大島祐子氏を迎え各分野のアートが融合して生み出す一夜限りのパフォーマンス。舞台監督はタツ・アオキ氏が務める。

Taiko ART Legacy directed by multi-instrumentalist and media artist Tatsu Aoki marks Tsukasa Taiko’s 22nd year journey with two concerts and a Kabuki music workshop at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, 220 E. Chicago Ave. The concerts and workshop are all ticked events. Concert tickets are $20 (adults) and $15 (Seniors/Kids under 12); Workshop tickets are $25. For updates and more information visit taikolegacy.com/tickets or call the Taiko Legacy Hot Line 312.610.2581.

【Concert】Reduction7-The Ginten Legacy
Sat, Dec 7,2019 @ 7:30 pm
Tickets: $20 (adults) and $15 (Seniors/Kids under 12) Tickets

「リダクション 7」は、70年代の東京太鼓演劇集団/銀天界の美学を再現する特別プログラム。銀天界の一員であったタツ・アオキ氏が独自の世界観で、和太鼓、和洋楽器と日舞が融合していく舞台芸術。「本物を見て欲しい」という舞台監督の熱意が感じられるコンサート。今回の注目アーティストは、ジャズドラマーと打楽器奏者のハミド・ドレイク氏、打楽器奏者、女優、詩人、脚本家のココ・エリセス氏、ジャズアワードの2014年黒人女性パーカッショニストオブザイヤー受賞した、ジョビア・アームストロング氏そして、フランスからのゲストでドラマーと即興演奏者の大島祐子氏である。
Taiko (Japanese drum), is typically heard at seasonal festivals and temples all throughout Japan. At the core of Tsukasa Taiko’s artistic and musical vernacular is a more esoteric and theatrical expression of Taiko that is a less frequented and more difficult endeavor with a speculative destination. Notable companions on this journey will include jazz drummer and percussionist Hamid Drake; percussionist, actress, poet and screenwriter Coco Elysses; percussionist JoVia Armstrong, winner of Black Women in Jazz Awards’ 2014 Best Black Female Percussionist of the Year; and, direct from France, special guest drummer and improviser Yuko Oshima.

“Reduction” is a refined response to the popularity of mainstream taiko drumming, a trend which sees taiko stripped of its particular musical and theatrical elements. This year’s presentation features unreleased materials from 1970’s original taiko theater – the Gintenkai in Tokyo, ranging from traditional to modern interpretations of taiko music as an artistic venture. Classical masters Hyakkyou Fukuhara (flute/percussion), Chizuru Kineya (shamisen), Shijuro Tachibana (kabuki dance), lend their deftness to the evening’s presentation.

【Concert】Taiko Legacy 16
Sun, Dec 8,2019 @ 2pm
Tickets: $20 (adults) and $15 (Seniors/Kids under 12) Tickets

和太鼓演奏とアンサンブル(お座敷(芸者室内楽)、民謡(民俗音楽)、お囃子(古典/民俗/演劇音楽)、ジャズ)が交互に演奏され、幅広い音楽スタイルをお楽しみください。スペシャルゲストには、サンフランシスコの高田メロディー氏とGenRyu Arts、そして日本の3人のクラシック音楽のグランドマスター、杵屋千鶴氏、フクハラヒャキョウ氏、立花 志十郎氏である。
Taiko Legacy is one of the largest Taiko drumming concerts in the U.S. Midwest. This perennial presentation reunites professional contemporary and classical performers alongside enduring community members to celebrate over two decades of artist directed performance. The multigenerational ensemble Tsukasa Taiko anchors the traditional musical relationship between shamisen, dance, and taiko. The often-overlooked melodic capacity of the taiko is unattainable without a thorough awareness of the origins and craft of the traditional Japanese music. This ensemble performance explores the concept using original compositions and arrangements rooted in a broad range of musical styles including: ozashiki (geisha chamber music), minyo (folk music), ohayashi (classical/folk/theater music), and matsuri taiko (festival taiko music). This year’s featured guests include San Francisco’s Melody Takata and the GenRyu Arts and three classical music grandmasters from Japan: Chizuru Kineya, Hyakkyou Fukuhara and Shijuro Tachibana.

【Special Event】 Kabuki music workshop by Shijuro Tachibana, Sunday, Dec. 8,
5:30 p.m. Tickets: $25 Tickets

グランドマスター立花 志十郎氏から歌舞伎で演奏される打楽器音を体験し、参加できるワークショップ。
This is an opportunity to experience and have a chance to participate in the percussive sounds of the kabuki theater. An integral part of the language of the Kabuki theater, the music and percussion are utilized to proficiently express the nuanced stage set in Kabuki. Grandmaster Shijuro Tachibana will be conducting a Kabuki music workshop which will provide the audience an opportunity to participate in creating the musical landscape that provides a lush verisimilitude within a Kabuki performance.

Taiko Legacy 15 and Reduction 6

Location:Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
Address: 220 E Chicago Ave Chicago, IL 60611
Date:Taiko Legacy 16 | Sunday, December 8 | 2:00 pm
Reduction 6 – KANREKI Special | Saturday, December 7| 7:30 pm